Community,Ideal Group

DIA Away

29 Oct , 2014  


On Saturday, October 25th, Southwest Detroit Family day hosted the new DIA Away. The event took place at Scarcyny Park and included many fun family activities included bobbing for apples, face painting, pumpkin painting, a haze maze, sack races and even a piñata! The community and guests were given a tour of the DIA Away trailer, allowing guests to discover the ideas behind the art. More…

Ideal Contracting

WTC Appreciation Luncheon

27 Oct , 2014   Gallery

Ideal Contracting held their appreciation luncheon in the Warren GM Tech Center on October 2, 2014 .Thank you to the Trade laborers for all of your hard work and long hours while working on the WTC flood recovery! 

Ideal Shield

Ford Guardrail Project

11 Oct , 2014  


Ford worked with Ideal Shield to create an environmentally-friendly process to replace existing guardrail that was installed in the Dearborn Truck Plant 13 years ago. The Dearborn Truck Plant sits on 1,100 acres and the plant is an impressive 2,600,000 square feet. Reconfiguring the current layout of the plant to meet the needs for the new all-aluminum 2014 F-150 was no small task. Ford’s obsession with efficiency created an environmentally-conscious culture. Ford wanted to reuse as many robots, control panels, welding equipment, and guarding protection as possible in the new facility layout. More…

Ideal Setech

Ideal Spotlight

11 Oct , 2014  


Alina Baciu began with Ideal Setech in May 2006 as an Associate Inventory Analyst.  She tracked repairs and plant returns for the Share-The-Spare program.  In December 2008, Alina was appointed to the role of Financial Analyst where she managed financial reconciliations and reporting for Share-The-Spare and the Redistribution Center.

Ideal Surplus

Introducing 400+ New Products

10 Oct , 2014  


Ideal Surplus is excited to announce their new partnership with Wescast Industries. Wescast Industries, headquartered in Ontario, Canada with worldwide facilities, is Ideal Surplus’s first international Gainshare program. Over 400 new items were shipped to our facility, have been inventoried, and are ready for sell. Ideal Surplus looks forward to growing this program, to include other facilities and continue to provide Wescast with top notch customer service and savings. Visit Ideal Surplus’s website  to view our inventory and future information on our buying programs.