General Motors recognizes one of its 110 best global suppliers Thursday, March 10, 2016 at the 24th annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. Recipients  from 17 countries will receive awards for going above and beyond GM’s requirements, providing customers with the most innovative technologies for the industry’s highest quality vehicles. (Photo by John F. Martin for General Motors)

Ideal Contracting,Ideal Group,Ideal Setech

2015 Supplier of the Year Award

31 Mar , 2016  

Congratulations to Ideal Contracting and Ideal Setech for receiving the 2015 Supplier of the Year Award! GM Recognized 110 of its best suppliers from 17 countries. This latest award is a true example of how we can collectively utilize the strengths of our employees and business partners when our customer needs us most. 

This is Ideal Contracting’s 9th award and Ideal Setech’s 3rd award. Jesse Venegas, Vice President of The Ideal Group, stated, “Being recognized as a Supplier of the Year means a lot to Ideal.  It helps us understand that what we do and how we do it aligns with what our customer wants. That is the most important thing for us at Ideal.  We have many points of contact in our company and we always try to keep alignment with them so we can “keep the ball rolling”. If you don’t have cultural and strategic alignment you will fall behind or not deliver to expectations.  We view this recognition that our efforts are helping GM be the best and stay ahead!”

Thank you to all the hardworking Ideal employees and trades men and women for the outstanding job they do, day in and day out. Frank Venegas, Ideal Group Chairman and CEO, remarked, “Ideal Group’s 12th General Motors Award is a great customer tribute to our employees, suppliers and our communities. This is the first year General Motors jointly recognized the performance of two of our Ideal companies, Ideal Contracting and Ideal Setech. The GM Supplier of the Year Award inspires us to do more.”

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