Ideal Contracting


30 Nov , 2016   Gallery


This month, Ideal Contracting celebrated 250,000 hours worked safely at GM Flint Assembly with a Thanksgiving meal luncheon.  General Motors is adding a new state of the art body shop to invest in Flint, Michigan which broke ground earlier this year.




30 Nov , 2016   Gallery

Congratulations to the Holy Redeemer Robotics Teams on placing 11th out of 30 teams at competition during the weekend of November 19, 2016 for their first competition. More…

Ideal Group


30 Nov , 2016  

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The Ideal Group, Ideal Contracting, and Ideal Shield headquarters in Detroit has officially moved into their newly renovated facility. Completed in October, the renovation began in early January of this year.

Updates included an office expansion to Building A’s first and second floor, adding approximately 16,275 SF of new working space. We constructed a new floor-to-ceiling CMU fire wall to separate our existing Shop from new office space, increasing the 1st floor by nearly 8,000 SF.


Ideal Setech

Season of Giving

30 Nov , 2016  


For several years, Ideal has provided Turkeys to each employee for their families for Thanksgiving. This holiday season, Ideal Setech donated 27 Turkeys to LACASA thanks to some employees who wished to contribute. LACASA is an independent nonprofit center that protects, advocates for and empowers victims and survivors of child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault. LACASA assists hundreds of innocent victims and their families each year. They were very grateful for the donations. More…

Ideal Shield

Newly Designed Grooved Bollard Covers

30 Nov , 2016  


Ideal Shield has created bollard covers with newly designed grooves, allowing reflective tape to remain flush against the cover. The highly visible reflective tape is available to customers at no additional charge. Shield is currently running a promotion through the end of the year to help stretch budget dollars even farther. Details on this sale are listed below:


Ideal Surplus

Gainshare Program – Profits for All

30 Nov , 2016  


The Ideal Surplus team uses a variety of strategic methods to sell inventory, among them is the Gainshare Program. In this program, Ideal Surplus works with different companies that are trying to get rid of excess materials but don’t necessarily have the channels to do so. This is where Ideal Surplus steps in to help! With the Gainshare Program, our team receives these excess materials at our facility, at little to no cost, and reviews which products are worth keeping. We then check in the products and price them accordingly, marketing the materials on our website or via the sales team. Our end goal is the sale. More…