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Ideal Contracting Hard at Work

31 Mar , 2017   Gallery

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This month, Ideal Contracting held two topping-offs, with the first taking place at General Motors Flint. Here are some of the highlights of the M5 Flint project:


Ideal Group

Governor Snyder Visits Ideal Group

31 Mar , 2017  


On March 10th, Governor Snyder held a Hispanic Round Table meeting at Ideal Group in Detroit to discuss matters of interest to the Latino business and community leaders. The discussion included topics on immigration policy, education funding, workforce development, and business and infrastructure investment. Governor Snyder listened attentively to questions and concerns and has begun to act on many of the action items introduced during the meeting.


Ideal Group

Congratulations Linzie Venegas!

31 Mar , 2017  


Mi Gente Magazine announced this year’s Spirit of Frida Award Recipients and the winner was our very own Linzie Venegas! More…

Ideal Setech

Be on the Lookout!

31 Mar , 2017  


Ideal Setech will be launching their monthly newsletter, Critical Connection, on April 1st. The goal here is to better communicate the importance and vision of the Share the Spare (STS) program. More…

Ideal Shield

Ideal Shield Dealer Bracket Challenge

31 Mar , 2017  


March is madness at the Ideal Shield offices and on the college basketball hardwood. So, it only made sense to combine the two forms of mania into one giant group of fun. And that’s where the 2017 Ideal Shield Dealer Bracket Challenge was born.

Made up of 64 dealers from all around the United States, the Ideal Shield Dealer Bracket Challenge is in the same form of the NCAA Basketball tournament. However, instead of everyone trying to pick a correct bracket, we randomly drew the names of chosen dealers in each region and paired them up with college basketball teams competing in the 2017 NCAA Basketball tournament.  More…

Ideal Surplus

Saving the World, One Box at a Time

31 Mar , 2017  


Have you been looking to help save the world? How about helping Ideal Surplus recycle? Well, if you’re interested in both or either of those goals, we need your help!

Cardboard boxes are one of the most underappreciated pieces of packaging equipment of all time. But we’re here to celebrate them. Our goal is to only work with previously used boxes. More…


Enter Ideal Group’s 2017 Photo Contest!

1 Mar , 2017  



The contest is open to anyone employed by Ideal Group, Ideal Shield, Ideal Setech, Ideal Setech STS, Ideal Surplus, and Ideal Utility Services.


Each entry consists of an entry form (see attachment) and a single photographic image.

There is no limit on the number of entries per person per month!