Ideal Setech

Ideal Spotlight

27 Feb , 2018  

Ideal Setech Share-The-Spare welcomes Patrick Wright! Patrick comes to STS after serving 22 years in the United States Army. More…

Ideal Contracting

AGC Michigan Outstanding Safety Performance Award

27 Feb , 2018  

Ideal Contracting is honored to receive the 2017 AGC Michigan Outstanding Safety Performance Award. This will be Ideal Contracting’s 13th time receiving the Safety Performance Award. More…

Ideal Shield

Heavyweight Champions in Safety

27 Feb , 2018  

With facility expansion in full swing across the globe, corporations and manufacturing facilities are spending more than ever on machines and talent to increase efficiencies. After spending thousands of dollars on machines and knowing that OSHA standards are tighter than ever before, safety and protection are now at the forefront of every facility manager’s mind. More…

Ideal Steel

New Man of Steel: Meet Taha

27 Feb , 2018  

Taha Dahabra joined the Ideal Steel team as a Project Manager in mid-February. In his short time with Ideal, Taha said he’s enjoyed his very friendly and supportive coworkers, as well as the comfortable working atmosphere.   More…

Ideal Surplus

Shipping Surplus Around the Globe

27 Feb , 2018  

The world of Industrial Surplus sales is a growing industry with new competitors popping up left and right. But not all are the same. Some MRO supply companies focus on bigger, pricier items while others stick to selling smaller, more common parts in bulk-like fashion. More…

Community,Ideal Group

The 4th Annual Clark Street Classic Hockey Tournament

27 Feb , 2018   Gallery

The Clark Street Classic, a three-day adult hockey tournament supporting the Clark Park Coalition, took place on February 22nd through the 24th. More…