Ideal Shield

It’s Raining Sign Bases

29 Nov , 2017  


On the heels of Ideal Shield’s recent 20,000 unit program with McDonald’s and 1,800 unit program with CVS, our very own Dennis Knittel closed a 1,500 unit refresh program with TA Travel Centers for over $225,000! More…

Ideal Shield

Ideal Shield Goes Metallic

31 Oct , 2017  

Shield Back Up Photo

In a move to expand and improve the color options for its bollard covers and sign bases, Ideal Shield has partnered with a new color house.

Color houses serve as manufacturers who mix color with resin to create the color formulas added to the plastic we use for our products.  This color house has offered us a brand-new option – metallic! More…

Ideal Shield

The Ideal Shield Family is Growing!

29 Sep , 2017  

Baby Pic

The Ideal Group has always placed an emphasis on the importance of family, and Ideal Shield takes that core value to heart.  This month, our team is excited to welcome two tiny new additions to our crew! More…

Ideal Shield

Ideal Shield Expands Decorative Cover Line!

31 Aug , 2017  

Shield Picture

To keep up with the demand for current styles, we have increased the number of our molds for the Architectural style, created a Skyline style in a 10” diameter, and are in the midst of producing three new varieties, shown here: More…

Ideal Shield

Most Loyal Dealer

31 Jul , 2017  

Dealer Feature Steve

This month, Ideal Shield is choosing to honor one of our most loyal dealers – Steve Orosz from Bollards and Sleeves, LLC (BollardSleeves.com).

Steve got his start working with the first computers introduced by IBM and soon switched from the technical aspect to consulting in the electronics industry. Once he realized the skillset that consulting had given him, Steve left the computer industry and began selling cigarette “butt cans.” Something that he found to fall in the same niche as bollard covers, which led him to add bumper sleeves to his portfolio. More…

Ideal Shield

Ideal Shield Showcases Color-Matching Capabilities

30 Jun , 2017  


Over the past two decades, Ideal Shield has created plastic bollard covers matching an impressive 591 Pantone shades.  We carry some of these colors on a daily basis, but generate more options through customer requests for custom jobs. Some customers require uniformity, using the colors for corporate branding and marketing. When they see Ideal Shield’s vast portfolio of already-matched hues, there’s no doubt that Ideal Shield has the capability to come through for all applications! More…

Ideal Shield

Ideal Shield Is Expanding Our Product Line

31 May , 2017  

Photoshoppped pic

Thanks to a strong, growing relationship with one of our most innovative vendors, Shield has earned the opportunity to help launch Flexpost’s new product line!

Many of you are  familiar with the concept of the Flexpost. A twist on the conventional bollard posts, Flexpost is designed to bend at the base when impacted so as to prevent damage to the bollard and the vehicle. They are the optimal solution for spots where bollards constantly get hit and bent out of shape.      More…

Ideal Shield

Ideal Shield’s Dome Top Bollard Covers Make an Appearance

28 Apr , 2017  


As a national product used and featured at some of the largest retailers, restaurants, and other places of business around the country, you can see Ideal Shield’s dome top bollard covers everywhere. That includes both in-person visits to some of these colossal corporations or in their commercials. More…

Ideal Shield

Ideal Shield Dealer Bracket Challenge

31 Mar , 2017  


March is madness at the Ideal Shield offices and on the college basketball hardwood. So, it only made sense to combine the two forms of mania into one giant group of fun. And that’s where the 2017 Ideal Shield Dealer Bracket Challenge was born.

Made up of 64 dealers from all around the United States, the Ideal Shield Dealer Bracket Challenge is in the same form of the NCAA Basketball tournament. However, instead of everyone trying to pick a correct bracket, we randomly drew the names of chosen dealers in each region and paired them up with college basketball teams competing in the 2017 NCAA Basketball tournament.  More…

Ideal Shield

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Shield!

28 Feb , 2017  


As the industry’s strongest, most reliable, maintenance-free bollard cover available, the list of uses for Ideal’s HDPE plastic covers is extensive. And while safeguarding from collisions is its main use, Chris Parenti has come up with a more creative, marketing friendly use for one of the main staples of the company. More…