Ideal Steel

Where to Spot Ideal Steel Around Little Caesars Arena

29 Sep , 2017  


Have you visited the Little Caesars Arena in Midtown Detroit yet? If so, one of the first things you’ll notice just so happened to be designed and fabricated by the Ideal Steel team. More…

Ideal Steel

New Man of Steel: Meet Hector

31 Aug , 2017  


Hector Romero joined the Ideal Steel team as a Production Manager in August 2017. In his short time with Ideal, Hector said he enjoys working with the Steel team, and admires Ideal’s strong focus on their employees. More…

Ideal Steel

Ideal Spotlight

30 Jun , 2017  


In 2010, Tony Santori joined the Ideal Group family as a handrail worker for Ideal Shield.

After years of working in the shop, his years of hard work and a drive to move up in the company, he made the move to Ideal Steel as a Project Manager in November 2015 and it’s been a success ever since. More…

Ideal Steel

Ideal Steel is “Beaming”

31 May , 2017  

Steel Picture

As part of its project for DTE in Monroe, Michigan, Ideal Steel fabricated a girder beam designed to support a precast ballistic wall system. The beam took the team a total of 240 production hours, which started all the way back on March 9th. An impressive sight to see, the beam measures 72 feet long and weighs almost 30,000 pounds! It’s one of the largest individual fabrications of the year for the team.

Ideal Steel

Ideal Steel: Spotlight

28 Apr , 2017  


After more than a decade with Ideal, we’d like to spotlight Victor Peña from Ideal Steel.

Victor started at Ideal Shield as a painter and welder back in 2006. But after nearly 10 years with Shield, he made the move over to Ideal Steel in January of 2016, once it became its own standalone company, to move into a new role as a Shop Foreman. More…