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Surplus is Selling Through Several Sales Channels

31 Jul , 2017  

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Sales is a difficult industry. Not only is it about having quality products that consumers want and need, but it’s also about finding those potential customers and getting products in front of them. More…

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Summer Interns Helping Run the Shelves of Surplus

30 Jun , 2017  


The Ideal Group is a champion of internship programs as the halls, shops, warehouses and cubicles are full of talented interns. And, like every company, Surplus has joined in on the mentoring this summer with the additions of Perrin Moncur (Junior at Michigan State), Sam Nathan (Senior at Grand Valley State) and Marco Marquez (Grow Detroit’s Young Talent). More…

Ideal Surplus

New Store Location

31 May , 2017  

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Ideal Surplus has a brand new store,  located on the Surplus shop floor in Building B. Items at the store include gloves, hand tools, safety gear, power tools, drill bits, and much more. Looking to pick up some new tools or equipment for your next project? Get more for your dollar than at any top hardware store by contacting Gary Brothers or Curtis Rose today to learn more about the available discounts.

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Jump into Spring Cleaning with Ideal Surplus

28 Apr , 2017  


Feels good to go outside without a jacket, huh? That rise in the mercury means it’s time to start planning your spring cleaning out around the house. And Ideal Surplus has you covered with everything you’ll need! More…

Ideal Surplus

Saving the World, One Box at a Time

31 Mar , 2017  


Have you been looking to help save the world? How about helping Ideal Surplus recycle? Well, if you’re interested in both or either of those goals, we need your help!

Cardboard boxes are one of the most underappreciated pieces of packaging equipment of all time. But we’re here to celebrate them. Our goal is to only work with previously used boxes. More…

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New to Ideal Surplus MRO

28 Feb , 2017  


Iron sharpens iron, as the saying goes. And we just added a new piece of iron to the Ideal team in our new Ideal MRO Surplus Customer Service Representative, Brittney Hagedornn. More…

Ideal Surplus


31 Jan , 2017  

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As a leader in the hard-to-find MRO materials industry, Ideal Surplus has a “who’s who” list of customers. That includes several Fortune500 and Fortune100 companies, some of the most well-known companies in the entire world. And when we say world, we mean it. More…

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30 Dec , 2016  

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Ideal Surplus holds over 51,000 products in stock, bringing in new products daily. When most people think of a surplus company, they generally assume the company sells used and repaired products.


Ideal Surplus

Gainshare Program – Profits for All

30 Nov , 2016  


The Ideal Surplus team uses a variety of strategic methods to sell inventory, among them is the Gainshare Program. In this program, Ideal Surplus works with different companies that are trying to get rid of excess materials but don’t necessarily have the channels to do so. This is where Ideal Surplus steps in to help! With the Gainshare Program, our team receives these excess materials at our facility, at little to no cost, and reviews which products are worth keeping. We then check in the products and price them accordingly, marketing the materials on our website or via the sales team. Our end goal is the sale. More…

Ideal Surplus


31 Oct , 2016  


The recent buzz around Ideal Surplus has been the launch of our brand-new website, containing over 50,000 products. While a new layout and updating some photos might look nice, it doesn’t automatically mean website visitors and sales will increase. Online shopping, or e-commerce, has drastically changed the buying process and it’s safe to say almost everyone shops online or at least researches a product online before buying. More…